How to Get Rid of Flight Anxiety

June 5, 2015 Hanny 1 Comment
Flight Anxiety

Flight Anxiety is not a good feeling to go through, especially if you love traveling. Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us and as much as I hate to admit it, it has happened to me as well.

Growing up with travel junkie parents, meant that I was on an airplane since birth (No I was not born on a plane…). As an infant, I enjoyed many airplane rides and even told people I lived on a plane. I loved flying and didn’t seem to care about turbulence as I do now.

However, this didn’t last…

I started to have anxiety during flights. I would catch myself holding onto the chair’s armrest as if preparing for something bad to happen. Whenever turbulence occurred, I would hold on tight and pray until it stopped. There were even moments when I felt that I would never see my loved ones ever again. I went through terrible anxiety in a few flights and it was all due to watching the news report about airplane crashes.

As a Travel Junkie, I like to keep myself updated on the latest travel news. However, it wasn’t all good news I was updating myself on. It was news on airplanes going down, being shot down, or losing power.

Since my anxiety wasn’t going away, I decided I needed to do something about it. I ended up trying a few things and each idea helped me with my anxiety.

1) Change your mind set

When you go into the airplane with negative thoughts about airplane crashes, you are most likely not going to enjoy your ride. Instead of going in with negative thoughts, think of all the positives.

If you are like me, perhaps the negativity occurs during your flight. If this is the case, simply think of the facts.

The Facts:

  • Flying is actually safer than driving. In 2009, 49 people died on an airlines based in the U.S, while that same year, there were about 34,000 car crashes.
  • Falling out of a ladder is 4 times more likely to kill you than a plane crash.
  • There is more of a chance to be struck by lightning then to be killed in a plane crash.

2) Drink a bottle of whiskey

It can be whiskey, rum, tequila…whatever you prefer. Usually before take off, I drink a small bottle of Baileys Irish Cream. For some reason the Irish cream really works for me, keeping me calm throughout the flight.

If you are not a drinker, then I do recommend drinking chamomile tea. Chamomile has been known to cure health problems and is also known for soothing anxiety. Click here to see a list of Chamomile benefits.

3) Distract yourself

This only works for me if I get my own TV screen with movies and video games. However, I know a few who find reading books or listening to music a good distraction. The more you distract yourself, the less worry you will have.

4) Sleep

Some people find sleeping on an airplane a great solution to worrying less. If you are worrying too much or thinking too much, perhaps sleep will help you deal with the anxiety reducing your thoughts and worries.

If you have tried all these steps and still find yourself suffering from flight anxiety, then you should find another method of traveling. There’s plenty of transportation that can take you to your destination safely and that will help avoid going through anxiety.

What methods have you used to reduce flight anxiety? Are there any methods not listed on here? If so, let us know and help reduce flight anxiety.

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