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Facebook Hacks: How to Get an Answer

July 22, 2018 3 min read

If you’re like me, you probably have a business page (my blog is my business). You’ve probably never had problems before, but now it seems like you’ve run into a few Facebook issues. If you’ve contacted them by sending feedback or reaching out to the community, you most likely got a vague response or no response.

After all, that’s why you’re here right?? I’ve never had issues on Facebook before, but as my numbers started to grow, issues started to arise. I ran through several different issues that weren’t getting fixed, until I found hacks that allowed me to get these things fixed.

Your business shouldn’t have to suffer because of no response or vague responses. So here are a few hacks I’ve tried, to get Facebook to respond and get things fixed for me.

Changing the page name

Sometime last year, I re-branded. I went from being Travel Junkie to The Global Wanderess. Although my transition was simple, it wasn’t easy on Facebook. When I tried changing my name on the page, I was told that I couldn’t do it because it was going to confuse my followers, since the name was nothing like the last one.

Name change

This frustrated me…how are people supposed to re-brand? No matter the explanation I gave them, I always got the same vague answer that it couldn’t be done. So I attempted to do something new since support wasn’t really helping me. I decided to add the new name slowly to the old name.

So my first change looked like this:

From: Travel Junkie –> To: The Global Wanderess Travel Junkie

Doing this had worked! It was approved within a few hours. To avoid getting in trouble with Facebook, I waited two days to make my next change. The next change I made looked like this:

From: The Global Wanderess Travel Junkie –> To: The Global Wanderess Travel

After waiting for a day, this change was approved as well. My third change happened about a day later, when I finally changed:

From: The Global Wanderess Travel –> To: The Global Wanderess

If you’ve been on my Facebook Page, then you know that worked.

It’s horrible to think that I had to take so many steps, but the fact that I was able to make my change when I was told I couldn’t was a wonderful feeling. Especially since I had just re-branded.


Getting your website unblocked

Something tragic happened a few weeks ago, my website link was blocked from Facebook and Instagram. When you own a blog or online business, sharing your link with others is a must. However, FB determined my link was an unsafe link and blocked it. For the record, I never had this problem before. I did notice a few issues with the website, but have since been fixed.

However, even though I fixed the issues with my website, FB still had me blocked. I sent feedback, I contacted several times and even looked at the community forum for help.

vague response fb 1vague response fb

It had been 3 weeks and Facebook had not fixed my issue. Nothing seemed to work until I tried Facebook business. I signed up my page, The Global Wanderess for Facebook Business and once I was signed in, I looked into support. The great thing about the support section on Facebook business is that they have a chat.

Right away, I was able to talk to Facebook support about my issue. Keep in mind that even though they are mostly there for advertising needs, they are also there to help with your page. After all, it is your business!

It only took three days for Facebook to unblock my link after chatting with support, compared to the 3 weeks I was waiting with no response.

There’s plenty of different issues a business page can run into, so if you feel that you’re not getting the answers you need, check out Facebook Business and remember to use their chat feature for a faster solution. Also, since Instagram is now owned by Facebook, you are able to talk to support about Instagram, in case something happens to your Instagram profile. 


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