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Drinking with Hop On! Central Florida Brew Tours

July 19, 2019 2 min read

Last year, I got to go on a wonderful tour with Hop On! Central Florida Brew Tours. Since I’m very involved with Yelp, I had gotten the opportunity to RSVP to this tour and that’s where the adventure begins.

First stop

Central Florida Brew Tours

The day began at Ellipsis Brewing, where I signed in and hung out with other people going on the same tour. While waiting for others to show, many of us got drinks. Once the whole group was there, we took a tour of the facility and we were shown how beer is brewed.

After taking the tour, we finally got on the Hop On! Central Florida Brew Tours, where our guide took down our favorite songs, so that he could play them later.

Second stop

Central Florida Brew Tours

Our first stop was to Dead Lizard Brewing Company. This local craft brewery is located between Millenia Mall and Universal Studios.

Upon entering the location, the first thing I noticed was the room full of board games. They also had popcorn, which added a nice touch and smell to the place. It was also great to see live music and also a food truck outside as well.

One by one, as we entered the place, we each got a flight of beer. My flight of beer included – key lime beer, 3-2-1 beer and another I can’t seem to remember. Each one of the beers were set on a special plate that kept the beer cold, which was very nice!

As soon as we got out of that brewery, we hopped on the bus and we started to pass red cups around and started to drink again. People had bought crawlers to share, and so we sang, drank and had a good time!

Third stop

Central Florida Brewing Tours

By the third stop, I was already full of beer, but I had also reached the Broken Cauldron (Now known as Broken Strings Brewery). When I entered this establishment, I fell in love.

The walls were all painted with the faces of different musicians, the decor was very chill with couches and some tables. We also received beer flights here, which I thought were wonderful selections.

After what seemed like a few minutes (it was about an hour), we were hopping on the bus again to go back to where we started – Ellipsis Brewing.

The people on this bus, the guide, the breweries and the whole experience was great! If ever in Orlando, this is definitely a tour I recommend to all beer lovers, who want to have a good time.


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Central Florida Brew Tours

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