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Christmas Things to do in Naples, Florida

December 10, 2020 No Comments

It’s finally December, which means the holidays are around the corner and perhaps some travel! This year, I made my way down to Miami to visit my parents, but we ended up taking a trip to Naples, Florida, which was great! I had never been to Naples during Christmas, so I was shocked to see 5th Avenue South so beautifully decorated for Christmas.

Of course, 5th Avenue isn’t the only spot decorated. There are plenty of decorations around and plenty to do in Naples for Christmas.

Christmas Things to do in Naples, Florida

Florida may not be known for the cold winters and the snowflakes, but that doesn’t mean there’s no holiday spirit. In fact, out of all the cities of been to in the Sunshine State, Naples takes the prize for best Christmassy city! So if you’re making your way to Naples, here are a few things to see and do.

The Naples Players Sugden Community Theatre

Naples Florida

Aside from having a beautiful Christmas tree in front of their building and beautiful Christmas decorations all around, The Naples Players have the Trees & Teas event this year! The event features beautiful Christmas trees, which displays a musical and Broadway show theme. This event ends December 19, 2020.

Historic Palm Cottage

If you are wanting to take a tour or love to learn about the history of certain people and places, then you will love visiting the Historic Palm Cottage. This place also decorated for the holidays, which makes it even special.

Fifth Avenue South

Naples Florida

This area is where all the Christmas decorations are! I was so impressed with the decorations around 5th Avenue. They really make you feel like you’re in a Christmas town and there’s plenty of art galleries, shops and restaurants to go to.

Inn on 5th

Naples Florida

This really should go under Fifth Avenue South, but this Inn is so impressive it deserved its own section! Their decorations are absolutely gorgeous. Plus they also have a spa and pool in case you decide to visit.

Naples Botanical Garden

Stroll around Naples Botanical Garden and see the night lights in the garden! Illuminated with millions of lights, you can enjoy some special holiday cocktails and menu items at Fogg Café or just enjoy The live performances.

Regina’s Ice Cream Pavilion

Okay, so this isn’t exactly Christmassy, but they do decorate for Christmas! Plus who doesn’t want ice cream, while enjoying the warm weather in Florida? Regina’s is a very retro place and I absolutely loved getting my ice cream there.

Christmas Boat Parade

If you’re looking for a social distance activity, look no further! The Christmas Boat Parade is a great way to enjoy a parade without having to be near floats and street performers. The parade is happening on Saturday, December 12th from 6:15 pm to 8:30 pm.

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