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Cheap ways to get to the airport

November 23, 2015 3 min read

Parking at the airport can be very expensive, especially if you are leaving your vehicle at the airport longer than 4 days. Even taking a taxi to the airport can be very costly and not something I recommend. However, there are a few options to save money on airport parking and transportation.

1. Airport Parking Reservationimage 7384740 10819550 1422664016000

Airport Parking Reservation has saved my butt a million times. Not only do I save money on parking, but it is also easy to reserve parking online. With so many options, it is impossible not to get a spot at the last minute.

The parking rate I get with Airport Parking Reservation is as low as $2.50 a day, compared to the 17 dollars a day I would need to pay if parking at the airport. Another good thing about Airport Parking Reservation is that some of the lots come with 24/7 security, a shuttle that takes you to and from the airport and some lots are gated.

Parking at the airport for a week: $119 (Using the $17 one gets charged at the Florida airport)

Parking at a lot with Airport Parking Reservation: $17.50 + tax/fee (The tax/fee isn’t much. Last time I was charged $10) = $27.50

Total savings: $91.50

2. Uber

Uber is an amazing way to save money if you are not planning on taking your vehicle to the airport. This handy app allows you to book a ride with a driver around your area. Uber offers different cars suitable for your needs and allows you to rate the driver. This is a great way to get to the airport, but make sure Ubers around your area go to the airport as some do have restrictions.

Taking a taxi to the airport: About $52 each way (depending on where you live), which makes it $104 going to and from the airport.

Taking an Uber to the airport: About $20.72 each way (depending on where you are coming from and the car you choose). Also, I used a $15 credit for both ways so my total came out to: $11.44 going to and from the airport.

Total Savings: $92.56

*If you would like to get a $15 credit with Uber, sign up for Uber using my link above.

3. Lyft

Lyft is a lot like Uber. The features on the app are a bit different, but they also offer the ability to rate your driver as well as pick which vehicle you would like to ride in. This is another affordable way to go to the airport without using a taxi. Using the same coordinates as the ones used for Uber, this is what my cost looks like.

Taking a Taxi to and from the airport: $104

Taking Lyft to the airport: $19.03 each trip. Making it 38.06 to and from the airport. However, Lyft gives you a $20 credit. So my total came out to $18.06. If riding with another person, the fare would have been free.

Total Savings: $85.94

*If you would like a $20 credit for your next Lyft ride, use code: HANNY476256

4. Subway

Places like New York, Chicago and some parts of Europe have subways that can take you to and from the airport. A subway in New York for example is about $2.50 each trip, so if I am making two trips, it costs me $5.00. Of course, I usually do not recommend taking a subway, if you have a lot of luggage with you.

Taking a Taxi to and from the airport: $104

Taking a subway to and from the airport: $5

Total Savings: $99

5. Asking a friend or family to take you

If you are lucky enough to have family that live close to you or generous friends, then asking them to take you to the airport is another great option. Not only would you not be spending any money, but you get to spend time with people that you care about.


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