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A Tourist’s Guide to the Best Restaurants Santiago, Chile has to offer: Where to Eat in the City

March 1, 2024 6 min read

If you’re heading to Chile soon, you may want to add local restaurants to your list of things to do!

Trying the local fare is a unique way to experience Chile. Believe it or not, many tourists opt out of trying local eats and instead eat something familiar such as McDonald’s. But if you find yourself in Chile, why not experience Chile the way a local does and try the food? From empanadas loaded with beef to churros, I’m sharing the very best restaurants Santiago, Chile has to offer.

So if you’re ready to start exploring Chile’s food scene, keep reading for my list of local restaurants in Santiago, Chile.

Where to Find the Best Restaurants Santiago, Chile Has to Offer

You can find good restaurants anywhere in Santiago, but if you’re looking for a specific spot, I’d suggest asking the locals. When exploring a different country, I do my best to discover all the local favorites beyond the tourist spots. From asking passersby their favorite food location to scouring online for reviews, there is no better way to learn about a country than through the locals.

If you’re staying in a hotel, the concierge will know some great spots and it also helps to ask them where they like to eat, this way you can get a more local experience.

Another way I found highly-rated restaurants was by checking them out on Yelp. I use Yelp quite a bit in my area, so when I found out I was able to use it in Chile, I was excited. There were some great reviews, which also helped me determine what kind of food I’d be getting.

Restaurants in Santiago, Chile

Before I went to Chile, I did make a list of local cuisines I wanted to try. However, there were quite a few that I didn’t know about until I got to Chile. It also helped that I stayed at a hotel with a breakfast bar that showed me what a typical Chilean breakfast looked like.

After tasting my way through Santiago, Chile, I’m sharing some of my picks of restaurants in Chile.


The first place I tried out was Boki. The only reason I was able to try this place was due to the partnership they had with the hotel I was staying at. This was their breakfast provider. So every morning I’d go to Boki to find a nice spread of food for me to choose from.

The breakfast foods in Chile were similar to what you would find in the U.S., such as bread, jams, scrambled eggs, and yogurt. However, there were also some items not typical for an American breakfast, including salami, ham, cheese slices, vegetables, dipping sauce, and mozzarella balls.

Typical Chilean Breakfast

A traditional breakfast in Chile is coffee and bread with either cheese, ham, jam, or mashed avocados. The breakfast can vary by region, but this is what you’ll find in Santiago. Of course most will mix it up adding juices, tea, scrambled eggs, and even cereal.

While avocado toast has become popular for breakfast in the U.S., traditional American breakfast fare like chicken and waffles, grits, or pancakes are not commonly eaten in the mornings in Chile.


There is an artisanal village in Santiago, Chile called Los Dominicos, that’s where you’ll find Antulicán. This awesome restaurant has seating indoors and outdoors, and they have all sorts of delicious local cuisines along with some seasonal ones. While I was there, I had my heart set on trying Mote con Huesillo, which is a non-alcoholic beverage consisting of sweet nectar-like clear liquid made with dried peaches and mixed with wheat berries.

I couldn’t find this drink anywhere as it wasn’t in season, but I did find it at Antulicán. I also had the pastel de choclo and chirimoya juice.


Another great place to try is Liguria. There are about 3-4 Liguria restaurants around Chile, but the one I went to was located near the shopping center. Liguria is quite an appealing restaurant with its huge wall of wines and antique decor. Here you’ll find local cuisines such as Pastel de Choclo (Corn Pie), Empanadas de Prieta (Blood and onion sausage empanadas), and Pichanga a la Chilena (a mix of cheese, olives, ham, pickles, and other veggies).

I had the Mechada, which is a rump roast cooked in tomato sauce with creamy mashed potatoes. This is one of my favorite things to eat in Chile. Liguria did a great job with this dish.


If you need a break from trying local cuisine and would like to deviate to something more familiar, then check out Tiramisú. This Italian restaurant might be a little expensive, but once you try the pizza, you’ll want to go back. With a huge selection of specialty pizzas and toppings, Tiramisú is quite popular with the locals. They also have pasta and salads, but I don’t recommend the salad. I had ordered a Caesar Salad, but it did not taste at all like a Caesar Salad, and the chicken was quite salty. Don’t let this dissuade you from trying this place though, the pizza is worth the trip to this restaurant.

Things to Consider

Tiramisú is a beautiful restaurant with rustic details. It’s similar to being in a cabin in the middle of nowhere with patio seating as well as indoor. However, this beautiful restaurant is quite dark at night with red lights illuminating the restaurant. It was hard to see most of what I was eating. If you do visit this restaurant consider going during the day rather than at night.

If you’re a fan of indoor nature exhibits, you’ll love this restaurant. It has tree trunks holding up the restaurant and some of the branches wrap around the restaurant. A lot like a treehouse.

Cafe Nicolas

While this is listed as a French restaurant, Cafe Nicolas has a mixed menu of French and Chilean. You’ll see croissants and madeleines, but you’ll also see alfajores and sandwiches with avocados in them, which are both Chilean eats. While the cafe I went to is now closed, they do have two locations – Cafe Nicolas in Clinica Indisa and Brasserie Nicolas in Santa Magdalena 034, Providencia.

Brasserie Nicolas has an extensive menu, while Café Nicolas features lighter fare. Both serve delightful French-Chilean fusion cuisine. However, the prices are on the expensive side given the portion sizes. Brasserie Nicolas may suit those seeking ample menu options and rich flavors. Café Nicolas is a better choice if you seek modestly-sized, fresh meals in a casual ambiance.

Tip y Tap

I found this spot while walking the streets of Santiago. It wasn’t something planned or something recommended, yet feeling the hunger pains from a long day out and about, I decided to sit at one of the outdoor tables. While they do have a variety of local Chilean cuisines, I decided to get a sandwich, and as soon as I saw the sandwich, I was impressed. There in front of me sat a massive sandwich.

While there wasn’t anything special about the food, the meals weren’t expensive at all and the restaurant itself is quite nice

There are many great restaurants in Santiago, Chile, and while some of these are the best restaurants Santiago, Chile has to offer, keep an open mind when exploring Chile as there are many other options and specialties in this beautiful city.

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