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Best Dessert Places in Orlando

January 21, 2021 3 min read

Whenever I look at Instagram, I see desserts from Las Vegas and even from Miami, but I never really see much on Orlando desserts. Sure we have Disney desserts, but there’s more to Orlando than Disney.

We have some great places that offer some delicious and even magical-looking desserts! So if you’re looking for these spots, you are on the right blog. Here you’ll find some of the best dessert places that are not Disney.

Best Dessert Places in Orlando

1. Dulce Pecado

Best dessert

This yummy food truck offers homemade Belgian Waffles, shakes and so much more. They also have a secret menu with a lot more items, but I decided to go for their Dulce Pecado with milk chocolate dipped waffle, strawberry topping, and honey!

There are so many toppings, dips, and sauces to try, but thought I’d choose something fruity for my first Dulce Pecado treat.

Currently, you can find Dulce Pecado at À La Cart, which hosts both long-term and rotating food trucks every day and they also have a rotating draft list of 15 taps.

2. Joury Ice Cream and Cafe

Best dessert

Located around Avalon Park in Alafaya, Joury offers some delicious desserts! They have a variety of flavors, but I opted in for their Strawberry cheesecake lover bubble waffle ice cream, which was amazing.

3. The Soda Fountain

Best dessert

If you’re looking to get milkshakes, this is a really good spot to go to. Aside from having some wonderful milkshakes, this location also has some street art.

I got their strawberry Grease milkshake, which was great! Since they didn’t have strawberries, they added cherries to the top.

They also have some adult milkshakes for those wanting a bit of liquor in their shakes.

4. SnoMo’s Shaved Ice

Best dessert

Located in Clermont, SnoMo’s Shaved Ice has a variety of flavors! My first time trying this cute place was during Halloween when they had their Butterbeer flavor, which was absolutely delightful.

5. Matcha House Tea & Creamery

img 0579 scaled

If you’re a huge fan of Matcha, then this is a great place to try. Not only do they have Matcha lattes and teas, but they also have sundaes. The sundae I ended up trying was the Matcha Lover.

6. Jr Tropical Ice Cream

img 0284 scaled

I love all things coconut, which is why I like this place a lot. Not only that, but the ice cream is quite delicious and they also have some unique flavors such as corn and passion fruit.

7. Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream

img 4414 scaled

I never knew what the big deal was about Kelly’s until I tried their ice cream. As someone who loves Ice Cream, I can be quite particular about it, but Kelly’s sure offers a variety of flavors plus the ice cream itself is quite delicious!

8. Dochi

img 0835 scaled

I am not a fan of donuts. I also do not consider donuts to be breakfast, but rather a dessert, which is why Dochi is on this list.

As someone who doesn’t really like donuts, I have found out that the only kind of donuts I seem to like are these delicious Japanese Mochi Donuts. The texture is much different from regular donuts because these are made with mochi. It’s also not as sweet, but still very delicious.

There are so many delicious desserts in Orlando, but these are just a few of my favorites.

Have you tried any of these?

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