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8 Things to Take on Your Next Trip

September 27, 2015 Hanny 3 min read No Comments

Traveling can be such a hassle when you are lugging around suitcases from one country to the next. It’s also very frustrating when you never use the items you lugged around or you don’t have enough room for your souvenirs! Luckily, after traveling quite a bit, I have mastered the art of taking necessities with me and traveling light.

The following list is comprised of items I usually take with me during trips. Hopefully, this list may also help you find the item(s) that will make traveling easier for you.


1. Travel Journal

If you love to write or simply like to remember certain details of a trip, you could never go wrong with a travel journal. As a writer, I am never apart from my notebook and found it helpful to remember details of my trip, especially when I need to write in depth about it.


2. All-in-One Travel Plug Adapter with Dual USB Charger

If you are traveling to different parts of the world and have electronics with you, please don’t make the same mistake many do and forget the plug adapter. Before you go on your trip, make sure you know the volts of the country you are staying in. Not many countries use the same volts and therefore require an adapter.


3. Apple iPad mini

Whether it is a tablet or a laptop, it is always helpful to stay connected. Especially, if your phone gets stolen or it simply doesn’t get service. Staying connected and letting family/friends know you are okay will give them a peace of mind.

This is also useful if you are a travel writer! As a travel writer, I like to stay connected to my followers and I post pictures of my travels while abroad.


4. Small 100-Piece First Aid Kit w/ Unique Items, Durable Nylon Case – Ideal for Travel

Accidents happen, whether we like it or not. It is always a good idea to take a first aid kit while traveling. You may think you don’t need it, but you never know what may happen. I’ve had a few accidents in the past and although I haven’t had any recently, I rather be safe than sorry.


5. Hiking Backpack

People like to travel differently, but I prefer to travel with a backpack rather than a suitcase. If you are the type that walks around after landing rather than going straight to the hotel, then perhaps you should consider using a backpack.


6. Nikon D3200

As a photographer, I cannot live without my camera. There is so much that happens in this world and what better way to capture great moments than with an SLR? If you are looking for a camera for your next trip, I recommend the Nikon D3200. Not only is this the camera I use, but compared to other cameras I’ve had in the past, I enjoy the quality and features of this camera.


7. Travel Kit

Even though you might be going into the forest or going on a big adventure travel, having a travel kit is good to have. After all, if you do get dirty, how else will you freshen up? I always have a travel kit, especially since I never know if the hotel or hostel I stay at has any shampoos available. Travel kits are quite small and will not take much space in your bag, which is convenient when traveling.


8. Cellphone

I wasn’t going to put this one on the list because this one is a given (like clothes), but I have known a few that left their phones at home to disconnect from the world. It is a great concept to want to disconnect, but at the same time, you never know who may be trying to contact you. Perhaps there was a robbery in your neighborhood, a fire started in your home, a family member got sick or you won the lottery – you just never know. I certainly can’t leave my phone, mainly because I deal with a few things that need my attention and also because I have people that like to communicate with me during trips.

Necessities vary depending on the person. Perhaps you don’t need most of these items, but the best way to narrow down what you do need for your next trip is by making a list and asking yourself “Do I really need this?”

– Hanny

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