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8 Side Hustles for Full-Timers

December 2, 2018 4 min read

Let’s face it, some full-time jobs do not pay enough. Unfortunately, bills need to be paid and changing jobs can be a bit of an inconvenience (depending on your situation).

That’s why some of us take on side hustles that allow us to make more money. Not all side hustles are worth the work, but some are. Here are 8 side hustles for full-timers.


1. Freelance Writer/Designer

If you love to write or design, then freelance! There’s plenty of companies in need of a designer or a writer and some companies are willing to pay a lot of money. As a freelance writer, I have made anywhere from $50-200 per article written. I’ve even met a few people who have left their jobs to be full time freelance web designers.

2. Resell

Reselling items for a higher price is another good side hustle. All you need is knowledge on what will sell and a good place to buy it cheap.

When the first Fantastic Beast and where to find them movie came out, I started to sell Harry Potter merchandise and anything related to the movie. I bought a few necklaces for about 30 cents and sold them for $8 each! That year, I ended up making about $80 reselling Harry Potter items.

I did this with a few other things and have made extra income reselling. There is a risk in regards to reselling, such as not selling the merchandise, but this is why you need to test out the waters before buying a ton of merchandise to resell.

3. Dropship

If you don’t have space in your house for merchandise, then find yourself a dropship manufacturer! People have made some serious money designing and dropshipping. All you need are customers to sell to and perhaps a good selling strategy.

There’s different manufacturing companies that offer dropshipping. The way dropship works is by offering an item to customers and then the company designs it and sends it directly to the customer. You don’t even need to have the item in your house!

A few dropshipping companies to look into are: Art of Where, Printed Mint, Gooten, and Printful

4.  Get paid to shop

I’m not talking about secret shoppers, but rather I’m talking about Shipt and other companies like it. This company offers people grocery delivery. So instead of people going out to buy their groceries, other people who work for the company do the shopping for them. I’ve heard you can make decent money with Shipt, but others have mentioned that it all depends on how many orders you shop for.  

 5. Use your Talent

If you are good at fixing computers or painting, use your talent/skills! There’s plenty of people looking for things to be fixed or for new art. When I was younger I used to make jewelry and paper flowers that helped me make some good side money. 

6. Sell books

People donate a lot of items that seem to be worth something. With apps such as BookScouter, it is now easier to find out how much a book will sell for. So head on over to the nearest Good Will or thrift store and go find some books worth selling! BookScouter allows you to scan the books, so you’ll be able to scan the books before buying them. 

One lady made a good $500 a month doing this and some have even made this into a full time job. 

7. Independent Consultant or Coach

If you are really good at teaching and have knowledge in a particular area, then you could easily become a consultant or coach. I have a few blogger friends, who have grown to be health coaches or business consultants just because they have become experts in the field. There’s plenty of people who need experts. 

8. Podcaster

Podcasting has become popular lately and it’s also a great way to make money. The more listeners you have, the more you will be able to get podcast sponsorships, increase sales of products/sales you may be offering and use affiliate marketing. You can also do podcasting from home, which is great for full-timers. 

There’s plenty of side jobs out there that can help you make good side money. All you have to do is find out what you would be good at and keep at it. It may not lift off over night, but if you are consistent with your side job, then you should be able to make consistent income. 


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