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Eight Reasons to Go to Europe for the Holidays

January 1, 2015 2 min read

There is something unique about going abroad for the holidays. More so, when it comes to Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. Last year for Christmas, I was fortunate enough to go to Hungary, Italy, and Germany. Not only did I have a great holiday abroad, but it also showed me why I would rather be abroad for Christmas than in Florida. Hence, I came up with eight reasons why you should go to Europe for the holidays.

Eight Reasons to Go to Europe for the Holidays

There are numerous reasons to go to Europe for the holidays, but these are my top eight reasons why you should go to Europe for the holidays.

go to Europe for the Holidays

1. The buildings are decorated

Imagine this, ancient, historical buildings are full of lights and decorations. If you appreciate ancient buildings then you will appreciate the decorations even more.

go to Europe for the Holidays

2. Christmas Trees Everywhere

There are Christmas trees everywhere! In the hotel, in the plazas, in the coffee shops, and even outside in the center of the city.

go to Europe for the Holidays

3. Dressed-up Characters

Characters dressed in Santa Suits walk around spreading holiday cheer. While they will be asking for money, this is still entertaining to see on the streets and you can always get your Christmas photo with one of them.

go to Europe for the Holidays

4. You’ll see unique decorations

Something I’ve never seen in Florida is a floating tree or a Lego tree at the train station, which I’ve seen abroad. There are plenty of unique decorations abroad.

go to Europe for the Holidays

5. Christmas Markets

When you go to Europe, you will see Christmas markets. These are so much fun to go to and you’ll find all sorts of goods at the stalls. So far I have seen them in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Hungary.


6. Holiday Food

While yes you can get holiday food anywhere, it is even better to try the holiday food in Europe! Not only do you get to try different dishes, but you’ll get to try traditional holiday dishes. At one of the Christmas markets in Europe, I tried apple cabbage, which was quite an interesting side dish.


7. Christmas Carolers

There is something unique about Christmas Carolers abroad. While in Spain, I saw a group of Christmas Carolers, while Santa Claus and Grinch characters walked around.

2012 12 25 19.06.58 scaled

8. The Hotels are full of Christmas Spirit

When traveling, I love to see hotels decorated for Christmas. So it’s nice to see all the decor upon arrival.

Holidays abroad are a great experience and if you haven’t tried it yet, I recommend you do so as soon as you can. Not only will you get to experience holidays abroad, but you will have an amazing story to tell once you go back home.

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