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15 Photos That Will Inspire You To Travel To New Orleans

April 23, 2018 Hanny 3 min read No Comments

For Christmas, I went to New Orleans and I loved every bit of my trip. Sure there were parts of New Orleans that I wasn’t too fond of, but overall it was a wonderful city to visit. So to inspire some of you to go to New Orleans, here are 15 photos that will inspire you to travel to NOLA. 

While walking around New Orleans, I found this wonderful church. I didn’t get a chance to go inside, but the exterior sure is pretty!

Not only does New Orleans have amazing food, but they also have some beautiful architecture and let me not get started on the colors. This place is so colorful and gave me so many good spots to photograph. 

The building above must be one of my favorite corner buildings. Not only did the colors make me stop to take a quick photo, but the whole architecture – the brick walls, the balcony and decorations really made this photo amazing. 

Now this was no where near the main area of New Orleans. We actually went to explore other areas that didn’t involve brick walls and this is what my hubby and I found. I’m not too sure exactly where this is located, but that building is supposed to be a seafood restaurant. 

Majority of the time that we were in New Orleans, we spent our time in the touristic area of New Orleans. Mainly just to take photos and enjoy the lively scenery. While we walked around, we ended up finding a courtyard market full of colorful and interesting things. 

This whole area of New Orleans is just so charming. It has a very southern feel to it, which just made it even more charming. 

A lot of the buildings in New Orleans have balconies, which I absolutely love. Since I went during Christmas, many of these balconies were adorned with Christmas decorations. This one is one of the few that was not decorated and yet just seeing the plants hanging there makes this look so beautiful.

If you’re looking for something absolutely charming with delicious food, this is definitely the place to visit. They also have carriages that will take you around the area, in case you decide walking is not for you. 

Here’s another glimpse of what New Orleans looks like and more charming buildings.

Something I noticed while walking around is that there were different statues around, but what I found fascinating was the horse I found on one of the side walks. It’s something I’ve never seen before and definitely adds some charm to this city. 

Here’s one of the many statues I found while walking around. It’s so much fun to see them around and really adds to the photos! Plus it’s also fun to take photos with them. 

A great place to spend time in is around the St. Louis Cathedral. I wasn’t able to go inside because there was a mass service going on, but it was still a great time looking around the area and taking photos of this lovely Cathedral. 

If you do go during Christmas, then you will definitely see a Christmas tree along side a cannon. 

Here’s an up close photo of the St. Louis Cathedral. 

New Orleans has a lot to offer, from delicious food to wonderful music, this place is very much lively and a great city to visit. If you would like a more detailed look into New Orleans, read my mini guide here
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