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10 Ways To Find Cheap Flights (Number 2 Is My Favorite)

July 22, 2019 4 min read

Traveling is such an amazing experience. Getting to see other places, getting to know other cultures and just escaping everyday life. However, it can be hard to travel when money is tight and transportation rates are high.

The good news is that it is possible to travel without having to spend so much money. All you have to do is find those cheap flights. There’s so many ways to find flights, but these are my top 10 ways to find cheap flights.

10 Ways to Find Cheap Flights

1 . Compare pricing on different search engines

Not all search engines are the same. Some will offer deals that the other may not be offering and some will not list budget airlines. So it is important to compare all the websites and do your research! I also use apps when comparing prices. Some of the websites and apps to use are:

2 . Be Flexible with your dates

I think I might have spoken about Skiplagged a few too many times, but this app has been a real life changer. It has helped me find some great deals on flights. They also have a graph that shows when the prices drop and help in getting you the best deal. So if you are able to be flexible with your dates, then this is the website/app to check out.

Find Cheap Flights

3 . Get fare alerts to your inbox

Someone had introduced me to this site and since then I have been receiving deal alerts to my inbox. What I like about Airfarewatchdog is that if I don’t like the pricing I see, I can easily track my route and I will be alerted when the price drops and any other travel deals. It’s a great tool to use when I don’t have time to do the research.

Find Cheap Flights

4. Book with a Travel Agent

There’s many reasons why you should book with a Travel Agent, but what I like about Travel Agents is that most will help you find an absolutely good deal. After all, they are working hard behind the scenes to give you the absolute best. They also do all the work for you, so that you can worry about other things.

5. Consider Alternate Airports

Have you ever noticed how some flights may be cheaper if you land in La Guardia Airport rather than in John F. Kennedy Airport? (if you haven’t been to New York, you may not understand that..)

Using an alternate airport will be cheaper than the airport you may have been considering. Sometimes, I don’t even leave out of the Orlando Airport, but will leave out of the Fort Lauderdale Airport because it’s much cheaper (do consider the drive there, gas cost and parking).

Find Cheap Flights

6. Make a stop

If there’s something I’ve noticed is that sometimes direct flights aren’t as cheap as those that have stops. Sure, you may not want to make a stop and just get there, but you would be saving money and you would get to see a bit of another place too.


7. Fly into a nearby city

Let’s say you want to go to Las Vegas, but the flights there are expensive. Instead of booking a flight to Las Vegas, book it to a city nearby that is not as well known. Going to a city that is not as popular is your way to a cheaper ticket and if the city is about an hour away, you can always just take a bus to Las Vegas.


8. Go on a red-eye flight

There’s plenty of people who hate red-eye flights (I’m one of them), but I also see the convenience of them – they are cheap. So a lot of my flights are red-eye flights because of how much cheaper they are than those in the day. Sure, you could find a cheap day flight, but sometimes they may not be available during the dates you are flying.

9. Find Error Fares

Sometimes Airlines make mistakes and an error will occur with the fares. Most of the time they will honor the pricing they put out there when the error occurs. So looking for these error fares aren’t such a bad thing. In order to find some of these, you can find them on Secret Flying.

10. Be Flexible with your destination

Similar to going to another city, this one is actually changing your destination. If none of the above seems to work and the destination you want to go to is still a bit too expensive for you, then choose another destination. Sure you may have always wanted to go to Paris, but why not go to Belgium and perhaps take a train to Paris? Most likely it will be cheaper for you taking this route.

There’s plenty of ways to get a cheap flight, but do know that it is doable. So if you find yourself wanting to take a vacation, but don’t have much to put towards the ticket, then use the tips above as a guide to getting a cheap flight.

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