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10 Must-Try Restaurants in Brooksville

March 23, 2024 6 min read

There are several hidden gems throughout Florida. Hole-in-the-wall joints, old-timey attractions, and even cities tourists have never heard of. While a majority of tourists may know of Brooksville (If you’re into disc golf, you probably heard of it), there are plenty of others who wouldn’t even know it’s a city in Florida.

While it is not a city like Orlando, Kissimmee, or Miami, Brooksville has slowly evolved throughout the years and now offers a plethora of new restaurants. There are also plenty of things to do in Brooksville as well, but if you’re looking for something to eat in Brooksville, check out the 10 Must-Try Restaurants in Brooksville list below.

Restaurants in Brooksville

There are plenty of new restaurants that have slowly been leaving their mark in Brooksville, and while these restaurants are quite wonderful, there are also restaurants in Brooksville that have been there a long time. Below you will find a mix of both.

img 8008 1

Coney Island Drive-Inn

If you’re looking for a unique spot to eat in Brooksville, then check out Coney Island Drive-Inn. They used to advertise that Elvis once ate at this spot, so you will find some Elvis memorabilia inside.

img 8006 1

Coney Island Drive-Inn serves up foot-longs, fries, burgers, and shakes. The pricing is reasonable and they highly recommend using cash. I’m not too sure if debit cards are allowed, but I’d carry cash if you’re planning to eat at this spot.

Address: 1112 E Jefferson St.

Florida Cracker Kitchen

While this place does not serve dinner, but rather a breakfast, brunch, and lunch, this is a great spot for some southern food! This is also another place that only takes cash, so if you’re headed to this place be prepared and carry cash as they will not take credit cards.

There is also a bar as well with a variety of craft beers and cocktail drinks. As for the food, you will find the usual breakfast – eggs, pancakes, sausages, grits, and more, but they do have some southern food such as Po’Boys, Gumbo, and more. If you’re in the mood for seafood or burritos, you’ll find that here too!

Address: 966 E Jefferson St.

Restaurants in Brooksville

The Lazy Maid Crêperie

With whimsical decor throughout the restaurant and a menu full of crepes, The Lazy Maid Crêperie has become a brunch haven for the locals. Every corner of this spot is decorated to look like a place out of the Victorian era or a French Country Cafe.

img 7946

You can find seating on the patio or indoors. There was no waiting time for an available seat as the service was quick and pleasant. They have savory or sweet crepes to choose from, and since I went during brunch time, I chose to go with the Crêpe Omelêtte Du Fromage Supreme, which had egg & cheese, bell pepper, onion, tomato drizzled with white cheese sauce and sprinkled with bacon bits. It came with a sauce of salsa and sour cream, but honestly, this crepe did not need them.

img 7954 e1711302709290

This was an amazing crepe, and while I would have loved to try the sweet crepes, I did not have room for any.

Address: 419 Howell Ave, Brooksville

Mallie Kyla’s Cafe

Mallie Kyla’s Cafe is unique. Inside you will not only find the cafe but also a gift shop full of accessories and flowers. This is a very casual setting in a beautiful home-like establishment and the menu serves comfort food type of meals such as soups, sandwiches, and more. They also have desserts and a kid’s menu.

Address: 510 E Liberty St

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The Bistro

If you’re looking for a restaurant in downtown Brooksville, then head to The Bistro. This restaurant is casual, it’s nothing fancy, but the menu is quite nice serving a mix of pizzas, cheesesteaks, pot roast, and more. This is great for lunch or dinner, and they do have dinner specials and can accommodate parties of 6 or more. If you’re not too sure what to pick, the pizzas are highly recommended.

 Address: 10 S Main St.

Main Street Eatery

Offering great food, service, and a cozy atmosphere, Main Street Eatery is a staple in Brooksville. This place is almost always packed when I’m in the area and the wait time is longer than expected, but Main Street Eatery is worth the wait. This is a great lunch spot with American fares such as sandwiches, soups, and salads.

Address: 101 N Main St.

img 8003 1

Fresh Pik’d Produce Market & Cafe

From the outside, this cute spot may not look like much of an eatery, but don’t let that fool you. This place serves some of the most delicious avocado toast I’ve ever tried! Aside from selling produce, Fresh Pik’d Produce Market & Cafe also sells some awesome hot sauces and a good breakfast and lunch menu.

img 8004 1

They have a variety of avocado toast on their menu. Such as the pico de gallo, everything bagel, caprese avocado toast, and much more. There are other things on the menu, but I wanted one of their avocado toast. So I ended up with the jalapeño bacon avocado toast.

The jalapeño bacon avocado toast has avocado, cream cheese, egg whites, jalapeños, bacon, and panko breadcrumbs served with hot pepper jam. It was such a flavorful avocado toast and definitely, one I’d eat again. They also serve their toast with a cup of fruit.

Address: 13 S Brooksville Ave

Sweet Treats in Brooksville

These may not be restaurants, but I couldn’t leave them out! They offer some delicious sweet treats and baked goods that are must-try.

Bread Box Bakery

If you’re looking for a homey place that serves lunch or breakfast, Bread Box Bakery is the perfect spot to visit. The inside looks like a home with different rooms, but in each room, you will find a different seating area. It’s the perfect cozy spot for anyone seeking something different from the usual restaurant. While they do serve lunch and breakfast items, they do have plenty of baked goods such as sweet pastries, pies, quiches, and more.

Address: 300 E Fort Dade Ave

dsc01450 1 1

Frosty Franks

Near Coney Island Drive-Inn is Frosty Franks, which has been in Brooksville for about a year. They serve Ice cream, and Italian Ice and have other goodies inside such as bottled soda, chips, and other snacks. While you can go inside to place your order, they do have a window you can order from and sit outside.

img 7990

Since it was a hot day, I decided to go with the Lemon Italian Ice and made it gnarly, which is topping it off with condensed milk and whipped cream. I have never tried Italian Ice with condensed milk and wasn’t sure if it would be too sweet. However, the Italian ice had a nice balance of sweetness. It was the perfect treat for such a hot day and it was quite refreshing as well.

Address: 1032 E Jefferson St

Itchy Monkey Craft Coffee

Located in the same spot as Fresh Pik’d Produce Market & Cafe, Itchy Monkey Craft Coffee has a great selection of coffee, lattes, flavors, and add-ons. They also have a variety of Artisan Mini Pancakes – S’mores, Turtle Cheesecake, Guava and more! The prices are reasonable and this is a pick-me-up spot, meaning you can only pick up the product as there is no indoor seating. They do have a few benches outside for anyone wanting to sit.

Address: 13 S Brooksville Ave

Brooksville has grown into a haven for foodies with all the different restaurants around, and every time I take a trip to Brooksville I am left impressed by the amount of change that happens daily. Brooksville not only has restaurants that have been in the area forever, but they keep introducing new restaurants in the area without ruining the history of this beautiful city. While there are many more restaurants in Brooksville I could list, these are some of my top choices and must-try for anyone visiting Brooksville.

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