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10 Cool Things to Do in Brooksville, FL

January 18, 2022 Hanny 3 min read No Comments

About an hour and half away from Orlando, FL, Brooksville is in the Hernando County, which is on the west central coast of Florida. Compared to the bigger cities in Florida, Brooksville often gets overlooked. However, this beautiful city has a lot to offer visitors. While there’s plenty to do, these are the 10 cool things to do in Brooksville.

10 Cool Things to Do in Brooksville

If you’re looking for something cool to do in Brooksville, FL, then check out these 10 things to do.

Brooksville FL

Mountaineer Coffee

Looking for a good coffee spot? Then check out Mountaineer Coffee. This awesome coffee spot is located in Brooksville Main Street, which is where you’ll find a few good shops and restaurants. Mountaineer Coffee also has a market inside that sells all sorts of things such as shirts, coffee bags and more.

Brooksville FL

The Hernando County Courthouse

The Courthouse is quite a beautiful building, which is also located in Main Street. While there may not be anything fun to do in the Hernando County Courthouse, it’s always nice to pass buy it and admire the beauty. Especially during Christmas when they put up all the Christmas decorations up.

Sweetfields Farm

Although this farm is opened during certain seasons, it’s still a great farm to visit. Especially, around May when their sunflowers are in season. When they are opened, they have fun activities for the kids to enjoy.

Brooksville FL

Boyett’s Grove and Citrus Attraction

One of my favorite attractions in Brooksville, Boyett’s Grove offers visitors hours of fun. This unique gift shop has an ice cream shop, quirky displays, an art gallery and fruit for purchase. On top of that, they also have a zoo where visitors can feed the animals, there’s also a dinosaur cave, aquariums and mini golf. This place is absolutely fun, and you can spend anywhere from 2-4 hours in there.

The prices vary depending on what all you do, but it was $8 per person to do everything except for the mini golf and $5 for the animal food. The place is not the newest and it does have a 1970’s feel to it, but that’s what makes it so charming! it was great to see all the animals and the aquarium was wonderful as well.

The Bean Barn

If you’re looking for a cool drive-thru coffee shop, the Bean Barn is the place to go to. This is a tiny barn with some delicious brews such as the Southern Belle, which is a peach and vanilla brew. You can get any drink for the same price as long as you pay for your size.


12oz – $4.50

16oz – $5.00

20oz – $5.50

24oz – $6.00

Aside from coffee, there’s also food, chai and sweet drinks.

Sparacia Witherell Family Winery & Vineyards

A family-owned winery and vineyard overlooking beautiful Florida Farmlands. The Sparacia Witherell Family Winery & Vineyards is a great stop for anyone who loves wine.

Stay in a Barn

If you’re looking for a peaceful getaway, then checkout this awesome barn. Stay in the loft above the wedding barn. It also overlooks a 40 acre horse farm.

Coney Island Drive-Inn

If you’re an Elvis fan or like to see places where famous people have been to, then Coney Island Drive-Inn should be your next stop. In 1961, Elvis Presley was in Inverness filming a movie and ventured down to Coney Island for one of the Famous Footlongs. Now, when going into this vintage diner, you’ll see an Elvis shrine. You’ll also find hotdogs, burgers and shakes at very low prices. Of course, these low prices are to be paid with cash only.

NJoy Spirits Distillery

Known for their Whiskey and Rum, NJoy Spirits Distillery has won quite a few awards for their distillery. NJoy Spirits also has a tour and tasting event. While the Distillery tour is free to the public, the tasting is $8 per adult. They also have a gift shop with a variety of locally made products. The Distillery Tour and Tasting is on Saturday and Sunday from 11am – 6pm. No reservation is required.

Withlacoochee State Forest

Looking for more of a nature setting? Then visit Withlacoochee State Forest. This place has some of the best trails for hiking, bicycling, horseback riding and there’s also canoeing. You can also camp here, whether in a trailer or primitive.

Brooksville, FL, is such a charming city with quirky stores and attractions, and definitely a city to visit.

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