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10 Amazing Things To Do in St. Petersburg, FL

November 8, 2021 3 min read

Home to the world-renowned Salvador Dali Museum, beautiful beaches, delicious restaurants, and the Fairgrounds, St.Petersburg, FL has a lot to offer.

Anyone who visits this beautiful city on Florida’s gulf coast will have plenty to do. Whether you are visiting with your other half, friends, or children, St. Petersburg has a little bit of everything.

10 Amazing Things to do in St. Petersburg, FL

From delicious milkshakes to interactive art, here are the 10 things to do in St. Petersburg, FL.

St.Petersburg, FL

1. Black Crow Coffee

Black Crow Coffee has two different locations. The one I recommend visiting is the one in the Grand Central District. This location has Tombolo books right next to it and also has a smoothie spot nearby as well.

Aside from having a very chill vibe and some awesome decor. They also have a Banana Mocha Latte and some vegan options.

St.Petersburg, FL

2. Tombolo Books

If you’re looking for a tropical looking bookstore, then you should visit Tombolo books. The entrance of this bookstore is surrounded by palm trees, which gives it its tropical look.

This bookstore also has a great selection of books, some of which you may not find in a big chain bookstore.

3. Sunken Gardens

This beautiful botanical oasis is 100 years old and houses some of the oldest tropical plants in the region. Most visitors will spend about 1-2 hours in the gardens.

St.Petersburg, FL

4. Gallagher’s Pumpkins and Trees

This cute little spot offers pumpkins and Christmas trees. Located in a plaza parking lot, Gallagher’s offers visitors some great photo pops as well as a variety of pumpkins and trees.

If you’ve never seen yellow pumpkins, you’ll find them here. Gallagher’s is a seasonal spot, which you can find open during Halloween – Christmas months. Now that Halloween is over, they’ll be open a week before Thanksgiving for anyone looking for a Christmas tree.

St.Petersburg, FL

5. Fairgrounds St. Pete

One of the newest attractions in St.Petersburg, FL, Fairgrounds St. Pete offers visitors the opportunity to choose their own adventure. This must-see immersive art exhibit is a 15,000 square foot artist-made environment.

For more on the rooms and to see more photos, visit my other post on the Fairgrounds St. Pete.

6. Chihuly Collection

A permanent collection by world-renowned artist Dale Chihuly, the Chihuly Collection has some of his unique artwork. Aside from that they also have glass blowing demonstrations. This is great for anyone who enjoys glass art.

img 5446

7. Beans & Barlour

This delicious coffee bar and dessert lounge has so many options to choose from. They have bagels, coffee, milkshakes and alcohol-infused ice cream.

They tend to come out with some awesome themed milkshakes such as the Squid Game milkshake. Around October and November, they usually have Harry Potter themed milkshakes, which look quite delightful.

img 5476

8. Book + Bottle

It’s a wine bar with books and a bookstore with wine. This amazing spot allows you to pick out a book, while enjoying a nice glass of wine. If you’re not much of a wine drinker, they also have coffee and tea.

This is a great spot for anyone who loves to read and just wants to spend some time relaxing with a drink.

img 5582

9. Imagine Museum

This beautiful museum has a vast collection of glass art. The best part is that the cost of admission is cheaper than other glass art museums around the area.

They have a huge collection from American artists and they also have a section of international artists. Currently one of my favorite exhibits is the Journey of Imagination, which has some very impressive spaceships and aliens.

img 5671

10. The Salvador Dali Museum

If you’re a fan of Salvador Dali or like art in general, this is a great museum to check out.

Although I find the cost a bit hefty for a museum, I do appreciate that they offer half off on Thursdays after 5 PM. So instead of paying the usual $25 admission and $10 parking, you’re only paying $12.50 for admission and $5 for parking!

There’s plenty to do in St.Petersburg, FL! If you’re looking for more on St. Pete beach, restaurants, bars and so forth, check out my post 24 hours in St. Petersburg.

Would you go to St. Petersburg?

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